Zita Langenstein

Butler & Author
Workshop Theme
Mourning Etiquette - together with Anja Niederhauser
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 - Zita Langenstein
Zita Langenstein, born in 1962, dreamed of becoming a butler as a child. After successful years in her profession and completing additional training, she graduated from the Butler School in 2005. She continues to work as a butler and is recognized as a trainer in Business Etiquette, Customer Orientation, and Leadership.

„Mourning Etiquette“

Grieving is the deeply personal process of bidding farewell and the individual pain following a loss. However, mourning also carries societal dimensions. The departed was a part of a community of friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

The Funeral Etiquette workshop does not aim to reintroduce rigid rules but rather to present options along with their advantages and disadvantages. Historical references help in understanding the significance of certain customs or rituals. It emphasizes healthy ways to grieve—be it for people, situations, or things we’ve had to say goodbye to. How do we keep them in our hearts without being overwhelmed by pain? How can we leave this dark place?

In this workshop, we illustrate and share how this can be achieved.

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