League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025 - Planting Ideas
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025 - Planting Ideas

April 7 & 8, 2025
Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & SPA, Interlaken

League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025
Early Bird Tickets with a 20% discount available until July 25th, 2024.

About the League of Leading Ladies

The League of Leading Ladies (LLL) is a business club for female business owners and c-level ladies of international enterprises from different operations, all kinds of industries and from international SMEs to global players.
It was founded by Swiss serial entrepreneur Sandra-Stella Triebl in 2014. It is accessible by invitation only.
At present the club has 110 members.
Instead of a „normal“ yearly get together for members, Sandra-Stella decided to create a public international and English speaking Conference and make it accessible to non-members, men and women alike. That’s how it started. The Conference in 2024 was the 9th edition.

Watch the video from the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 below.

Host & President of the League of Leading Ladies

Sandra-Stella Triebl by Tomek Gola / Gola.PRO

Sandra-Stella Triebl

Sandra-Stella Triebl (50) has been working in the media since the age of 15, including roles at Hochrhein Antenne 3 (DE), Radio Argovia (CH), and Swiss Television. She studied Communication Sciences, Biology, and Politics at the University of Zurich. Her professional journey includes a stint in the global PR department of Zurich Financial Services, serving as a project manager for the Aargau government during the 200 Years of Aargau celebration (2003), and founding her first company in 2004.

In 2007, she established Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH and currently serves as the CEO of the publishing company. Sandra-Stella is also the editor-in-chief of Ladies Drive and the president of the League of Leading Ladies. Additionally, she presides over the jury at the Female Innovation Forum, an initiative she founded. In recognition of the magazine’s launch, she received the Special Recognition Award (Innovation Prize) from EUWIIN in 2008. Since 2022, she is a board member of SANDS AG.

The press calls her „The Queen of Networking“ since 2014. She’s passionate about creating truthful relationships that may last for a lifetime. With every heartbeat, with everything she does, she’s trying to find a connection with others.

As Founder & President of The League of Leading Ladies, she will host this Conference together with her business sister, Sasha Lund.



Co-Host & Moderator

League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023 - Sasha Lund
Sasha Lund

After surviving death in 2017, Sasha Lund dove headlong into a life and attitude of abundance. Challenges are the path to abundance, not its barrier. Not six months after her resuscitation, she hiked the Nepalese Himalayas and shifted the course of her career by founding her business Core Values Consulting.
Through Core Values, Sasha has worked with prominent families around the globe, aiding generational transitions, vision formation, and managing conflict. Her expertise has been published in Forbes Italia, Diplomatic World, International Family Office Journal, Exeleon Magazine, Swiss Ladies Drive, and many others. Her work on women in family businesses, published in FamilyBusiness.org, earned her and her colleagues the 2021 Schulze Publication Award from Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange.

Sasha’s deep human connections are featured in her podcast Legacy Talks with Sasha Lund, where she interviews prominent individuals on topics ranging from next generation issues to legacy to business planning – a podcast heard in over 15 countries. Her belief in the power of human connection has driven her command of 11 languages, she is a true multicultural polyglot.

Challenges facing women and children – especially the challenges faced by women and children in developing nations – has been a calling for Sasha and in 2020, she was appointed a senator for the World Business Angels Forum, which is committed to empowering world economic development by creating innovative financial instruments for innovators, startups, and small/medium size enterprises. Sasha is also a proud NEXUS Global network member. She also served as the managing director of OneMillionChildren.org, an NGO dedicated to the empowerment and education of refugee children.

In addition to her philanthropic and family office work, Sasha has a deep love of theatre, film and art; a love that coalesced at an early age in the living room of her grandfather and famed Soviet filmmaker Aleksandr Askoldov. She has been a juror for various film festivals, including the Italian Giffoni Film Festival, Berlin’s Internationale Filmfestpiele Berlinale – helping launch Generation 14+, the youth branch of the Berlin Film Festival – the Belfast Film Festival Cinemagic, and Canada’s Le Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski.
In keeping with her family’s tradition of storytelling, Sasha is currently completing a novel and screenplay drawn from her great-great-grandfather’s inadvertent world tour and love story at the turn of the 20th century.

Her deep love for those around her and her varied experiences has made Sasha a sought-after chairperson, moderator and organiser of intimate gatherings of thought-provoking people. Holding in trust the inner selves of those around her brings a powerful honesty from those she has the honour to interview. Around Sasha, it is not uncommon to hear “I’ve never talked about this with anyone.”
Sasha graduated from King’s College, London with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Languages with Education and Film, she holds a diploma from the University of Barcelona in Shakespearean Studies, and a CELTA Qualification from Cambridge University.
Though raised in rural Sweden and metropolitan Berlin, Sasha now splits her time between Cyprus, Sweden, and the United States.



The Theme in 2025:
„Planting Ideas“

If we look at our future, we know, that it will be uncertain. But we know quite sure that technology, artificial intelligence will turn our world upside down.

We need to ask a single question in the future:
What is connecting us with the world – with and in nature – with artificial intelligence, technology or robots?

We need to understand the complex, intersecting patchwork of relations and of networks.
We cannot solve issues or challenges of the future with our mindset that is hugely influenced and shaped by the past. We need to find new ways of thinking.

The pace of innovation will be much faster than in the last 20-30 years. And we must begin to think the unthinkable – we need a new mindset and maybe let go of principles and things we thought we understood.

We’re on the edge to a new era. The one between: nature, nurture, innovation, inspiration, old wisdom and new ways of thinking.

Technology and nature are sometimes closer that we might think, as both tend to have similar patterns.

We will help you to read the future.

Leaders need inspiration to thrive in business. And this is what this Conference is all about. We are planting ideas. And we will think the unthinkable.

Let’s plant seeds so we are able to harvest.

Our Vision
Of The Conference

Our vision is to empower you to create truthful relationships and share wisdom. Our Conference is a get together of female and male decision makers with a participative content and a number of seats limited to 200. Further more we love to bring together our rational and our spiritual heart. That’s why we offer keynotes and workshops from the more spiritual to the more „brainy“ side in ourselves.


  • we are one voice for women and men with a vision
  • we share best practices and wisdom
  • we see each other as a source of inspiration
  • we think out of the box we do business together
  • we put our heart, mind and soul into the smallest acts
  • we love going the extra mile
  • we create purpose we always ask each other: what can I do for you?

2025 Speakers

Speakers of the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025 to be announced soon

2025 Workshops

Workshops of the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025 to be announced soon

2024 Empowering Women Award Night

Who can be nominated?
Any woman who does more than just use the hashtag #womensupportingwomen under their posts and who strengthens the voices of other women. A woman who boldly advocates for other women (within a company or with her own business), ensures that women have a chance in succession planning or are consistently promoted. A woman who is politically, socially, economically, or entrepreneurially engaged in supporting women.

The award winner should be a woman who is a change maker and promotes as many women as possible through her engagement. The woman you nominate plays a crucial role in creating a positive social impact. Additionally, she sustainably and innovatively supports women and/or girls, as well as equality and equal opportunities.

Are there any restrictions regarding age, origin, industry, etc.?

How does the jury verify the nomination?
If you fill out the form below and nominate a woman, you vouch for the nominee with your name and are thus her reference. When filling out the form, please provide your reasoning and send us additional information/links that document and justify your nomination. If you would like to send us further information by email, please write to us at office@swissladiesdrive.com.

Who is on the jury?
The jury is a small group consisting of Uli Rotzinger (Head of Business, BLICK Group), Charlotte Parnack (Head of Business, DIE ZEIT), and Sandra-Stella Triebl (Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ladies Drive & President, The League of Leading Ladies).

What does the nominee win? 
Visibility in various media (online & offline), which we will provide to the winner. An award from Swiss artist Gabriela Brunner (made exclusively for this event). An invitation to the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024, including an overnight stay at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Plus, an invitation for you as the nominator to the award ceremony (dinner) in Bad Ragaz.

We kindly ask that you fill out one form per nomination. You are free to submit multiple nominations. You can send us a more detailed explanation by email at any time: office@swissladiesdrive.com.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to receiving numerous nominations!

#empoweringwomenaward #drivenbydreams #businessSisterhood

This award is presented in partnership with Equal Voice and Porsche Switzerland. We extend our gratitude to our partners for their outstanding support.

Empowering Women Award 2024 - Award Recipient Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha
Empowering Women Award 2024 - Award Recipient Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha
Empowering Women Award 2024

Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha – Recipient of the Empowering Women Award 2024

Wies Bratby - Recipient of the Empowering Women Award 2022

Wies Bratby – Recipient of the Empowering Women Award 2022

Empowering Women Award 2023 - Lavinia Heisenberg

Lavinia Heisenberg – Recipient of the Empowering Women Award 2023

2025 Agenda

Agenda of the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2025 to be announced soon

Please note:

  • The Conference will be held as a hybrid format.
  • All keynotes and workshops will be hosted live on stage and broadcasted on Zoom. Conference attendees can follow it on Zoom Meeting from anywhere around the World or attend the keynote talks at the Bernhard Simon Hall and enjoy it live on stage. So in 2024 you will be able to follow the keynotes online – or offline, whatever you prefer.
  • We will set-up a LLL Piazza just in front of Bernhard Simon hall, so everyone can meet there (sunny weather conditions). If the weather is too cold we will set-up the Networking Zone at the Lobby.
  • All speakers can be met during Speed Dating, Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch at the Hotel.

2025 Tickets


  • Single or double bedroom accommodations
  • Conference access fee
  • Monday: Welcome drinks and seated dinner including drinks and champagne
  • Tuesday: Breakfast & seated lunch
  • Access to our meditation or Yoga class on Tuesday
  • Access to the spa area – conveniently located within the resort
  • List of attendees to extend your personal network
  • Access to our LLL members (you can interact with all the LLL members present at the conference)

Ursprünglicher Preis war: CHF 2'480.00Aktueller Preis ist: CHF 1'984.00.

inkl. 8.1% VAT


  • Conference access fee
  • Welcome drinks and seated dinner including drinks and champagne
  • Breakfast & seated lunch
  • Access to our meditation or Yoga class on Tuesday
  • List of participants to extend your personal network
  • Access to all attendees of the Conference
  • Hotel accommodations are not included in this package

Ursprünglicher Preis war: CHF 2'050.00Aktueller Preis ist: CHF 1'640.00.

inkl. 8.1% VAT


  • Watch and/or re-watch the digital part of the LLL Conference program online (keynotes only)
  • Participate and interact with the conference in the scheduled Zoom calls
  • List of participants to extend your personal network
  • Digital access to our LLL members
  • LLL goodie bag sent to your home

Ursprünglicher Preis war: CHF 900.00Aktueller Preis ist: CHF 720.00.

inkl. 8.1% VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Members of our partners like Ladies Drive Bargespräche Club Privé, Swiss Fintech Ladies, Advance, Generation CEO, SLIC, Womenbiz and Switzerland Global Enterprise profit from a 10-20% discount. Please let us know by email before registering: news@leagueofleadingladies.com


Grand Hotel & Spa

Höheweg 41
3800 Interlaken
The Victoria-Jungfrau is a haven of tranquillity amid the glorious mountain scenery of the Bernese Oberland.

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

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Don’t Worry, We Are Here For You!

If you need support and have further questions, contact Juliana from our office: news@leagueofleadingladies.com

PLEASE NOTE: There will be photography and filming at this event. By attending the event you grant permission that material you might appear on can be published by Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH in full and parts and without any restrictions.

Stay Longer & Enjoy Bad Ragaz!

Would you like to prolong your stay at the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz? Stay over the weekend? Maybe you want to bring along your family and stay a bit longer?
Please get in touch with us for the special rates we do offer for all conference attendees at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: news@leagueofleadingladies.com


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League of Leading Ladies Conference Archive

League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 Retrospective

League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 Retrospective

Imagine the world as if it were made of frequencies and vibrations, just as Nikola Tesla once said. This would mean that we resonate with one another, like the strings of a guitar. At this year’s League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 in Bad Ragaz, we tried to find out how we can draw from abundance even in times of crisis and how we can immerse ourselves in this abundance and ‚resonate‘ with it. Our conclusion: Where there is abundance, there is always a great void.

Retrospektive League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024

Retrospektive League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024

Stellt euch die Welt vor als würde sie aus Frequenzen und Vibrationen bestehen, so wie es Nikola Tesla mal gesagt hat. Das würde bedeuten, dass wir miteinander in Resonanz gehen. So wie die Saiten einer Gitarre. An der diesjährigen League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 in Bad Ragaz haben wir versucht herauszufinden, wie wir auch in der Krise aus dem Vollen schöpfen und wie wir in diese Fülle eintauchen und mit ihr ‚schwingen‘ können. Unser Fazit: Wo Fülle ist, ist auch stets eine grosse Leere.

Die Kraft grenzenloser Glaubenssätze

Die Kraft grenzenloser Glaubenssätze

Im Englischen gibt es ein wunderschönes Wort, «abundance», welches der Diktionär mit «Fülle, Überfluss, Reichtum» übersetzt, doch «abundance» ist so viel mehr.

Empowering Women Award 2024: Jetzt nominieren!

Empowering Women Award 2024: Jetzt nominieren!

Wir suchen erneut diejenige Frau, die andere Frauen unterstützt, sie fördert und sich passioniert und erfolgreich für andere einsetzt. Wer hat den Empowering Women Award 2024 in Euren Augen verdient?

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