Dominnique Karetsos

Founder & CEO The Healthy Pleasure Group
Keynote Subject
Will adversity cripple or create you?
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023 - Dominnique Karetsos
Will adversity cripple or create you?

What a huge question! Dominnique’s trauma has placed her front and centre with her Self: „It has me wrestling with how I want to be loved, consciously and curiously cultivating  who I want to be and reimagining the promise of daydreaming“. 

“per aspera ad astra” – through adversity to the stars. 

Words can take your breath away, grip your heart and nestle in your nervous system for a lifetime. A syllable, an inflection or tone – each trigger feels like a stormy sea, with winds howling and waves surging on the surface. 

But venture deeper beneath the waves and it’s here where you meet your Self. Like the deep sea your Self is always there, calm and steady however stormy things might get, and the only way to love her is through the storm.

Adversity either cripples you or creates you. Join Dominnique on her journey through adversity to her stars.

Dominnique Karetsos is CEO and co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Group (HPG). With the goal of building a Sexual Health & Technology Economy for better education, innovation and investment in the industry, along with her co-founders, Dominnique has developed a purpose-built global infrastructure via the HPG ecosystem that will enable this to happen. 

Dominnique has spent the last 20 years working with brands; launching products and services across the beauty, retail and health sectors in 40+ markets to help startups, market leaders and challenger brands increase their market share, distribution channels and investment opportunities through smart, ]strategic planning. Having worked for major players such as L’Oreal, Lelo Group, Cutler and Gross and O Boticário, Dominnique’s career highlight to date is being a UN Delegate at UN Women. A truly humbling time to understand the fabric of our global pain points echoed in each country’s socio-political system – then meet, talk and be inspired by those making a change for all of our futures.

Dominnique is passionate about empowering women of all ages to understand more about Sex, Tax and Money, alongside creating good and smart businesses to contribute what she can in creating a better world through behavioural change. In essence, helping people everywhere understand that healthy pleasure is for everyone and sexual self fulfilment and sexual health must be more accessible, affordable and attainable.

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League of Leading Ladies Conference

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June 12-13, 2023
@ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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