Tammy Ketura

Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Peace Practitioner, Sociologist, #1 International Bestselling Author
Workshop Theme
Naming and Listening to Trauma in an Empowered, Supportive, and Kind way
League of Leading Ladies - Tammy Ketura Lautenschlager
Trauma has a reputation that it is dangerous to talk about. Whether this is a truth or a symptom of trauma (trauma does not like to be seen), we invite you to explore.

Here, we practice naming trauma in new and connected ways; how to listen authentically, speak with integrity, and receive difficult unwanted situations kindly. These exercises can transform your relationship to trauma. You don’t need to share your most traumatizing situation to participate; any one situation willing to be seen is enough. Our birthplace to receive trauma’s innate healing power is crafted by three dazzling beauties: your Being, Porsche, and the Swiss alpine meadows. Welcome to the wonderful world of You unfolding.

Tammy Ketura was confronted with trauma’s hypnotizing and devastating nature in the emerald slopes of Switzerland; that’s also where she encountered trauma’s innate healing power.
Taking on the challenge of self-gentleness, Tammy unraveled trauma from the inside-out and continues to experience how everything in life is happening for her, not to her.
Tammy loves people and everything they bring with them; she is a Peace Practitioner, Sociologist, Bestselling Author, Certified Facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie®, Mom, and Canadian with Swiss residency. As an Entrepreneur, Tammy hosts profound boutique offerings for individuals and B2B that connect you to the internal wisdom that always lies within you.

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League of Leading Ladies Conference

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June 12-13, 2023
@ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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