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Work As Though It’s Your Last Day!
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023 - Sorelle Amore
Hustle…that is the culture our society is built on. Busy at all times. With texts, emails, phone calls, socials, social gatherings, putting your best foot forward. Busy…

Days that turn into blurs, weekends filled with chores and trying to catch up on rest, only to be surprised yet again when Sunday evening rolls around and you haven’t been able to fully breathe just yet.

Trying to be a good mother, father, parent, sister, friend and yet unable to juggle everything effectively and instead, it causes you more stress rather than enjoyment. Overwhelm and anxiety creeps in as you’re falling asleep, rather than enjoying a peaceful, restful night.

How did it get to this point?

We study so hard at school, climb the career ladder, find love, create a family and we should be content with living the dream. So why does society reflect a different reality, where most people are tired and unfulfilled. Where did it all go so wrong? How do you get your life back on track?  And most importantly, when do we take the time to come face to face with the inevitable reality that any day could be the last day? Would you be satisfied with your life as it is now? Or would you approach your work differently?

Sorelle tackled these questions in 2022 after 14 years of deep hustling, which led to 3 years of burn out, which forced her to take a full year of semi-retirement. Sorelle was known by all her friends, family and followers as the go-getter, productive, inspiring career woman, only to lose all the capacity to even answer a single email, let alone create any meaningful work.

With her body and soul unable to physically work, she had to find ways to awaken her spirit and mind yet again. Baby steps allowed for a gradual reintroduction of work, but this time, with a twist. 

It was all done with focus on the following question:

How do you reach a point where work isn’t exhausting, and it doesn’t consume most of your week, and yet is highly efficient in getting the results you desire?

Is that even a possibility?

With lots of reflection, painful culling and deep retrospection, Sorelle carefully curated her world to be in alignment with her work, her business, her every waking hour.

In Sorelle’s keynote speech, she will guide the audience through the same process she used for herself, identifying the areas of her life that are the strongest and which areas are neglected, in order to bring balance and therefore longevity into living, preventing inevitable burn out if there is no balance.

Furthermore, the audience will be guided through a way to identify what feels like the right ventures to pursue for them, and which ones to release, in order to maximize work time and minimize wasteful activities, which will increase long term enjoyment and productivity.

Life indeed doesn’t have to be a chore the way that society has led us to believe it should be. A life that is stripped of play and fun, overflowed with seriousness at every step.

This re-alignment of life doesn’t happen without careful self-reflection, deep honesty and action, however it does lead to a life of far more ease and much more enjoyment, a life truly lived in alignment.

Sorelle Amore is an Aussie entrepreneur who focuses on obtaining ultimate levels of freedom in every area of life and is an advocate for alternative and free living. Her wild journey started in 2016 as a YouTuber, showing people the possibility of creating freedom in life through embracing the concept of being a Digital Nomad. Sorelle has been featured in numerous global media outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Daily Telegraph,, and many more. She has traveled to 50+ countries, now travels full time with home bases in multiple countries, she is an investor in businesses, real estate, crypto, fine art and precious metals and now is a financial educator, sharing her knowledge of entrepreneurship, investing and freedom with the world through her business Abundantia, which she is the co-founder of.

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League of Leading Ladies Conference

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June 12-13, 2023
@ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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