Sasha Lund

Founder Core Values Consulting, Family Office Relations, Podcast Host of Legacy Talks with Sasha Lund, Serial Entrepreneur
Workshop Subject
Succession Planning Done Right: How To Plan Ahead
Sasha Lund - League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023
Having dedicated my life to legacy building, my passion to offer world class family business advice and counsel is paramount to my family heritage and my future ambitions.

Known as a Forbes-featured international business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, I started my own company, Core Values Consulting, advising a range of multi-generational HNWI families on their succession planning, family governance and legacy milestones to secure healthy generational continuity and longevity.

Having worked with a range of Family Offices and clients from early stage startups to industry giants in sports, technology, pharma, government and entertainment, I have delivered a diverse set of true value-add customised programmes. These include Family Office Retreats, Family Meeting Moderation and PR events planning, all across five continents and all while communicating fluently in seven languages.

Over a year ago, I met Healthy Pleasure Group (HPG), the global outfit dedicated to Sexual Health and Technology (SH&T), and started working as Chief Strategy Officer – Investment to establish a share of future wellness and help develop robust and meaningful market share across the Group’s multi-revenue global ecosystem. My goal at HPG is to contribute and shape the burgeoning SH&T industry by building a future-proof economy to bring not only education and innovation but investment in an underserved and often overlooked multi-billion dollar industry.

I am currently co-curating a curriculum at RCC Harvard executive program on Leading a Conscious Family Business Course and proudly hold the position of Co-Founder, VP & Editor-in-Chief of Diplomatic World Media.

As a female business voice who believes in change for good, I am a NEXUS Global network member and serve as Senator for the World Business Angels Forum, an organisation that is committed to empower world economic development. I am also the Europe Ambassador for Masters of AI, Founding Member of Family Hippocampus and proudly Founder of The Legacy Circle, a purpose-built business that navigates the complexities of intergenerational wealth.

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League of Leading Ladies Conference

League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023 _ Key Visual_2

June 12-13, 2023
@ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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