Martha Louise

Keynote Subject
How important it is to move from fear to trust, from scarcity to abundance
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 - Martha Louise
Märtha Louise is a bestselling author and a speaker on the world stage in addition to being a serial entrepreneur who has had several startups within spirituality, the world of horses, fashion and tech. Märtha Louise is a member of the Norwegian royal family - she’s the only daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja.

She will be talking about how it is important to move from fear to trust, from scarcity to abundance. The importance of shifting our perspective – from fear to trust, and from scarcity to abundance. Often in business (and life), we may be paralyzed by fear, worried about the risks involved or the resources at hand. However, it is crucial that we move away from this mindset.

The key being the transformational love. How do we find it within ourselves? How can we amplify it and utilize it in business? Let´s embrace trust – trust in ourselves, our teams and our capabilities. Let’s cultivate an attitude of abundance – believing that there are enough opportunities for all of us. This shift can greatly influence how we perform and achieve our goals.

This isn’t merely wishful thinking but backed by numerous psychological studies highlighting the role emotions play in decision-making process.The key question then is how do we amplify this transformational love?

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