Maria Sirois, Llc

Psychologist, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker
Workshop Theme
Accelerating Growth: What the Most Resilient of Us Know and Do!
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023 - Maria Sirois
Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is a process through which a traumatic or difficult event triggers new understandings in how we see ourselves, how we make sense of our world, what and who we choose to invest in and what we find meaningful.

t involves an internal journey of exploration that can be activated through questions that both stabilize and inspire us; questions such as:

“Who might I be at my best in a moment of conflict with a leader?” 

“What drives a more effective and engaged team when facing failure?”  

“How might I provide balance for myself, a sense of inner health, while never losing sight of the important markers of success for my team or my company?”

These questions, and others that shift our focus from threat to opportunity, build an internal sense of efficacy and grounded hope that both inspires and motivates us to engage the best of ourselves.  Resilience is not just about getting through difficult or dangerous times – it is that and more.  It also refers to a process through which we learn to center ourselves as leaders of our own lives, and from that place of personal leadership, begin to find the hidden opportunity in every stressor by shaping our thoughts, emotions and behaviors in directions that serve us.  This is the difference between a CEO who runs away from conflict, to one who faces it directly after having gathered the necessary information to make the wisest decision possible.  It is the difference between an employee hoping that someone will notice her talents, to one who has the courage to ask bravely to be considered for greater responsibility because she has grown in her sense of value and has a clear idea about how she already contributes to the greater good of the enterprise.  It is also the difference between a woman who feels oppressed by the demands of the organization and the demands coming at her from home, versus the woman who know how to prioritize, delegate and honor her own needs for recovery and inspiration. 

Resilience can be taught and increased at any time.  It does require a focused attention on the habits that currently derail us, and those that actually make a positive difference.  Our keynote conversation will highlight a few of the most important considerations in learning to shift our resilient capacity in healthier and wiser directions – ones that enable both wellbeing and success.  Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of resilient growth, with specific tools that can be practiced both at work and at home, and shifts in perspective that underscore our astonishing ability to rise, even in the most difficult of times.

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League of Leading Ladies Conference

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June 12-13, 2023
@ Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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