Laurence Rochat

Olympic Medalist & Entrepreneur
Workshop Theme
Your Mentor Is You
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 - Laurence Rochat
Born on August 1st, 1979, I won my first race at the age of 6. At 22 years old, my dream came true. I won my first Olympic medal at the 2002 Olympic Games of Salt Lake City. The next eight years were full of success, and full of doubts. I reached my limits, and I cumulated injuries and tiredness. In April 2010, after 15 years of top-level competition, I ended my sports career at 30.

My corporate career began at Audemars Piguet on May 1st, 2010. I then became head of a department, managing a team of 20. I was raised in an individual sport, yet this is when I realised, we are stronger together.

2015, my partner Philippe, whom I’d been with for 9 years, died tragically and with him, part of myself. It was the beginning of a long tunnel which lasted 5 years.

This period enabled me to soothe my soul and gather one philosophy: “take whatever comes your way”. Since 2019, a new breath of independence has swept me away. The desire to inspire through movement and experience.

„Your Mentor Is You“

Gear up your life and feel the power of now, the power of knowing your goals and focusing on the outcome (because clarity is power), the intensity we put into life to get things done, of taking an interest in others, of face-to-face interaction, of a positive attitude, nature, visualization and the power of movement. 

Do you have it all but still don’t feel fulfilled? Let’s go the extra mile together to find out more about your limits and dare to go your own way. Attract the right people and arm yourself with love even in the worst of times.

I’ll share how I changed my deepest nature though shock. There is an art of losing something and gaining elsewhere. I’ll share how to raise your vibratory rate and develop attraction and how you can learn and transform. Your mind is a tool. Use it wisely. We will do practical exercises to develop emotional intelligence and intuition, posture exercises that will make you feel stronger and we will develop your success map using visualization and affirmation exercises.

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