Fabienne In-Albon

Personality and Team Developer, Olympic Athlete, Brand Ambassador Porsche Centre Zurich and Winterthur
Keynote Subject
How to incorporate the Athlete Mindset for personal and professional development
League of Leading Ladies Conference - Fabienne In-Albon
Dive into the life of a former athlete and discover how the athlete mindset is crucial for personal and professional development.

Fabienne found an extraordinary life school in the world of golf sports, gathering numerous valuable and defining experiences. However, behind the successes and fame were battles for recognition, appreciation, and personal achievement. From injuries to illnesses, setbacks, and naysayers – Fabienne experienced many crises that pushed her to her personal limits.

Fabienne experienced absolute fulfillment at the peak of her career, yet was also confronted with pain and great emptiness. But it was precisely from this emptiness and the ensuing identity crisis that she drew new strength and realised that the true abundance of life lies within ourselves.

Sport has shown Fabienne the importance of not only having clarity about goals and milestones but also about oneself. Boldly forging new paths, focusing on the essentials, and resilience in overcoming obstacles – these principles helped her rediscover her abundance and form; for her, this was the athlete mindset.

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