Raffael Fitz

CEO WABIO Technologie
Keynote Subject
Next Level Sustainability: Waste-To-Green-Energy To Make Sure Our Future Is Bright
Rafael Fitz - League of Leading Ladies Conference 2022
Rapahel Fitz and his company WABIO has a mission. His mission is a journey from waste to green end environmental-friendly energy to make the world a better place for our children.

The CEO of WABIO Technologie GmbH, Raphael L. T. Fitz, has involved himself in the waste-to-green-energy industry when his second daughter was born and he realized that the world is destroying itself and will drown in waste – if mankind does not start immediately doing something against this dramatical development. Together with the genious engineer Dr. Jochen Auerbach, being the „father“ of the technology WABIO is pursuing its way forward to fight for a greener and cleaner future!

Fighting the global warming and the climate change is the most important goal on earth, because otherwise, the world will change to a very unpleasant place to live on – if life still is possible!

Wabio has been developing in its own labs and together with many university partners over the past 30+ years biotechnological process solutions to be able to improve the efficiency of biogas generation and simultaneously take into account all mutual environmental aspects to reduce any negative impact or emission into the environment as much as possible.

Wabio has thus looked at all types of industrial, agricultural, and society types of waste to develop solutions for an efficient and environmental friendly conversion to renewable energy!

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