Katja Faber

Lawyer & Writer
Keynote Subject
What Loss Can Teach Us and Why We Should Listen - Compassion, Connection, and Reciprocity in our Grief-Illiterate Society
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 - Katja Faber
What does it mean to live an abundant life when your child dies? Is it possible to experience joy and beauty again?

In 2014, my 23-year-old son Alex was murdered in Küsnacht.  He had only just completed his university studies in London and his whole life lay ahead of him. Healthy, happy, possessed of an extraordinary wit and original mind, his life was brutally cut short by someone he knew. In that instant, the person I had been was annihilated. Profound, traumatic grief became my reality. What followed was an arduous, exhausting eight-year battle for justice through the Swiss courts. In that time, I learned about myself, about priorities and regrets, about self-compassion, and how my emotions could guide me in my darkest hour. I learned about friendship, betrayal, and grief. And I came to a place of acceptance by facing my fears and being able to heal through the power of connection.

Today, my life is abundant precisely because I love and grieve fully.

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