Renu Bakshi

Media Trainer & Crisis Communication Expert
Workshop Subject
Crisis Ready: Practical Tips On How To Emerge A Leader
Renu Bakshi - League of Leading Ladies Conference 2023
At the start of the pandemic, a client said to me, “This is your time.”

While I wish my time as a crisis manager was under different circumstances, I’ve seized the opportunity to help executives and organizations mobilize quickly, manage fear, and mitigate damage, so they can :

• recover from this unprecedented crisis .. and future-proof their business
• communicate effectively
• demonstrate leadership

My COVID19 clients include BC’s first responders – ambulance paramedics who are managing the crisis on the front line, while communicating with the public, patients, and media through significant challenges. Beyond the pandemic, I’m working with clients on future crisis planning to help correct vulnerabilities. Like an earthquake, the difference between crisis and disaster is preparedness.

Unlike general public relations, crisis management requires a special mindset and skill set where you use your head, your heart, and your gut. I’m grateful that my skills, instinct and experience have helped me become one of Canada’s authorities on:

• media training and message development (virtual & in person)
• strategic crisis communications
• major press conferences & press releases

One thing to know about my media training is that it is a ‚catch-all‘ term. My boot camp will help you across all your communication, including presentations, speeches, stakeholder engagement, and other business interactions. I will teach you my secret formula to draft messages that will influence people and outcomes.

I focus on long-term leadership and messages that matter – not spin – and that’s why global companies and top executives trust me. My clients have included brands like Arc’teryx and Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland), and YPO executives who lead companies in various industries, including tech, real estate, and private equity.

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