Dr. Mara Harvey

CEO Of VP Bank Switzerland, Founder And Author
Keynote Subject
Elevating Female Financial Futures
League of Leading Ladies Conference 2024 - Dr. Mara Harvey
I am driven by two fundamental beliefs: that daily money decisions are an untapped source of positive social and environmental impact, and that we cannot wait another 100+ years to achieve economic gender equality.
  • Why does being a woman make a difference, when it comes to wealth?
  • What are the hurdles we face in taking control of our own financial futures?
  • How can we be better money role models for the next generation?
  • Practical tips to shape your pathway to abundance!

As senior leader in finance with over 23 years’ experience in Wealth Management and I have had the privilege to support families around the globe to have more impact with their wealth, and to drive a global transformation program to facilitate female financial participation. Above all, I am a passionate advocate for financial literacy, equality and female economic empowerment. In 2018, my pioneering work was honoured with the Financial Justice Champion Award by The Bridge, Berlin.

I am the author of „Women and Risk: Re-writing The Rules” (Nikolai Intelligence & Publishing, Berlin, 2018) and A Smart Way To Start (2018-2021), a rhymed book series for children on money, equality and sustainability. My most recent children’s book explains the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to children, and has been published by the United Nations under the title START DOING GOOD to support awareness and education for the world’s Agenda 2030. The book has been translated to Swahili and re-illustrated for the African context and was launched in celebration of International Day of the African Child 2022.

I hold a doctorate with highest honours in Political Economy from Fribourg University, CH, and I speak English, Italian, French and German fluently. Switzerland is my home.

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